Welcome to SRMUN Charlotte

March 26 - 28, 2021

Unity: Coming Together to Address a Changing World

Executive Staff

Keith Brannum: Secretary-General

Keith Brannum is excited to be serving as the Secretary-General for SRMUN Charlotte 2021. He recently served as the Secretary-General for SRMUN Charlotte 2020, having previously served as Deputy Director-General of SRMUN Charlotte 2019 and SRMUN Atlanta 2017. Prior to joining the Executive Staff, Keith served as both an Assistant Director and Director of multiple committees across SRMUN conferences beginning in 2015. Keith studied History and Political Science at the University of North Carolina Asheville (2009-2013) with a focus in U.S. Foreign Policy History. He holds a Master's in Public Administration from North Carolina State University (2013-2015). Keith resides permanently in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but spends much of his time on the road working with candidates for public office, principally in Virginia and Michigan. Currently, Keith fundraises for candidates and organizations across the country. In his spare time, he reads mostly histories and science fiction, listens to audiobooks, and enjoys movies and documentaries. Keith has enjoyed eight years with SRMUN and looks to grow SRMUN Charlotte into an opportunity for both students and the community to participate, making SRMUN Charlotte a great conference for Charlotte, NC.

Vanessa DuBoulay: Director-General

Vanessa DuBoulay is excited to serve as your Director-General for SRMUN Charlotte 2021. Prior to serving as this year's Director-General, Vanessa served in the same position for Charlotte 2020. During her time on staff, Vanessa served as the Director for the General Assembly Plenary in 2019 and Director of the Security Council in 2018. Her passion for Model United Nations stems from her first experiences as a delegate in Venezuela in 2008, and she has since participated in over 25 conferences both domestically and internationally. Vanessa currently works as an elementary school teacher in Miami-Dade County, where she continues to contribute to the fight for educational equity. She has been involved in efforts to advance human rights and justice while working for different non-profits, NGOs, and with local public officials. Vanessa is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with concentrations in International Law and International Relations. In her free time, Vanessa enjoys traveling, going to the beach, and spending time with her family and friends. Vanessa is thrilled to work on the conference production once again and to see delegates interact with the materials put together for the conference. She hopes SRMUN can give delegates as much as it has given to her: transferable skills and some life-long friendships!

Chantel Hover: Deputy Directory-General

Chantel Hover is thrilled to be serving as your Deputy Director-General for SRMUN Charlotte 2021! She most recently served as Director of the Peacebuilding Commission for SRMUN Atlanta 2020 and Assistant Director of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for SRMUN Atlanta 2019. Having received an Associate of Arts in Political Science at Santa Fe College, Chantel is now pursuing a Bachelors in Political Science and Slavic Studies at Columbia University. Outside of class, Chantel works as a Research Assistant at Columbia's Department of Political Science, maintains active involvement in multiple internationally-focused organizations, clubs, and honors societies, and staffs various Model United Nations conferences across the eastern United States. She enjoys downtime with her friends, her books, and her two fantastic cats Clawdius Maximas and Jazabel. Having participated in eight SRMUN conferences as a delegate before joining staff, Chantel is passionate about creating a supportive environment for delegates to learn, innovate, and engage with a diverse array of perspectives on critical global issues.

Nicole Calcagno: Under-Secretary-General

Nicole Calcagno is honored to be serving as Under Secretary-General for SRMUN Charlotte 2021. She previously served on the Executive Staff for SRMUN Charlotte 2020, also as the Under Secretary-General, as well as in the positions of Director and Assistant Director of a number of committees at SRMUN conferences throughout the years since 2016. Nicole graduated from the University of Illinois Springfield with a B.A. in Communications and a minor in Political Science. She has spent most of her adult life building her radio career. Currently, she is on-the-air at a country radio station in downtown Chicago on the weekends and working as a Digital Marketing Sales Representative during the week. She loves spending time with her fiancé, volunteering, drinking coffee, listening to live music, reading, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family, including her cats. She truly believes in the value of this organization and the impact it has on people's lives, and is looking forward to taking what she did and learned in 2020 and building upon that this year. Nicole is excited to see what the delegates can accomplish, grow as a person and as a staffer, and most importantly, help to make SRMUN Charlotte 2021 an amazing experience for all of those involved.

Committee Staff

General Assembly Plenary
Director: Makayla McDermott

Makayla McDermott is honored to serve as Director for the General Assembly Plenary at SRMUN Charlotte 2021! This is Makayla’s seventh Model UN conference, and third conference on SRMUN Charlotte staff, having previously served as the Director for the African Development Bank in 2020 and the Assistant Director of the Security Council in 2019. Makayla is a second-year law student at Quinnipiac University School of Law where she is earning a concentration in International Law and Policy. She is a proud alumna of Pace University at Pleasantville where she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Religious Studies. In her free time, Makayla is a freelance legal writer for Leading Light Foundation, performing research and reporting of international human rights violations and advocating for social, economic, and governmental policy change. Makayla is excited to lead, inspire, learn and watch the delegates grow in their advocacy and diplomacy skills. She hopes the delegates can take away from the conference some of the incredible memories and opportunities SRMUN has given to her.

Assistant Director: Taheerah Smith

Taheerah is a senior Health Systems Management and Communications major at UNC Charlotte. She has been involved in Model UN since her freshman year of college and has participated as a delegate in six conferences. At SRMUN Charlotte 2019, Taheerah was selected to be Chap of the Group of 77, which ignited her passion for working behind the scenes at conferences. Since then, she has served as Assistant Director for Security Council at SRMUN Atlanta, and is delighted to now serve as AD for GA Plenary at SRMUN Charlotte 2021. In addition to Model UN, Taheerah is also a College Senator and Vice Chair of Internal Affairs for UNC Charlotte’s Student Government Association.

General Assembly Fourth Committee
Director: Allie Fowler

My name is Allie Allen, and I have the pleasure of serving as your Director for the General Assembly Fourth Committee (SPECPOL). This will be my fifth time as a SRMUN staff member. Previously, I was the Director for the United Nations Environment Assembly's Committee of Permanent Representatives (UNEA-CPR) for SRMUN Charlotte 2020 which was unfortunately cancelled due to the pandemic. Before that, I served as the Assistant Under Secretary-General (AUSG) for SRMUN Charlotte 2019, Assistant Director for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) at SRMUN Atlanta 2017, and as Assistant Director for the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) at SRMUN Atlanta 2016. I recently married in November, which gave me a happy ending to my 2020. In December 2016, I graduated from Berry College with a Bachelor’s in History with a minor in Political Science. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Jeff, and cat, Fred. I also enjoy playing on my Nintendo Switch, making music with my band, kayaking, and baking. I am looking forward to working with you all soon!

Assistant Director: Michael Bovi

Michael Bovi is excited to serve as Assistant Director in the General Assembly Fourth Committee at SRMUN Charlotte 2021! Michael previously served as an Assistant Director for the International Atomic Energy Agency at SRMUN Atlanta 2019. Prior to joining staff he participated in Model United Nations for three years at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and attended SRMUN Charlotte twice as a delegate during that time. Michael graduated in December of 2018 with a B.S in Computer Science with a concentration in Software, Systems and Networking. He is currently working in Charlotte, North Carolina as a Software Analyst. Michael hopes to provide delegates with a memorable and informative experience!

World Food Programme Executive Board
Director: Lucie Willis

Lucie is excited to return to SRMUN staff as the director for the World Food Programme: Executive Board. Lucie served as the Deputy-Director General for SRMUN Atlanta 2015, has served as the Director of the UNFPA and the League of Arab Stated at SRMUN Charlotte and Atlanta respectively, and as the Assistant Director for G20 and the League of Arab States in Atlanta. Lucie began her Model UN career her sophomore year of high school, and continued as a delegate in college until she joined SRMUN staff in 2012. Lucie holds two Bachelor's of Science degrees in History and in Political Science from Western Carolina University. She lives in North Carolina, just down the road from Charlotte, with her husband, two toddlers, two dogs, and a hedgehog. Since graduating college, Lucie has transitioned into the world of veterinary medicine and works at a local animal hospital, and volunteers in wildlife rehabilitation in her spare time. She is incredibly excited to come back as a member of SRMUN staff and cannot wait to make the World Food Programme: Executive Board a great part of the best conference yet!

Assistant Director: Daniel Felberg

Daniel is excited to be serving as an Assistant Director for the World Food Programme: Executive Board at SRMUN Charlotte 2021! He was born in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, lived most of his life in Brazil, then moved to Canada in 2016 for university. In 2019, Daniel transferred to UNC Charlotte, where he is currently double-majoring in International Studies and Political Science, and hoping to minor in Latin American Studies. Daniel has been involved in Model UN since his freshman year of high school and has been fortunate enough to attend 34 conferences throughout his academic career. In his free time, he enjoys skateboarding, as well as snowboarding when possible. Daniel is looking forward to meeting you all at SRMUN!

World Health Organization Executive Board
Director: Sebastian Feculak

My name is Sebastian Feculak, Director of World Health Organization. I’m an alumni of University of North Carolina at Charlotte where I graduated with degrees in Economics and Political Science. I have participated in Model UN most of my college career, where I attended SRMUN Atlanta and Charlotte as a delegate and staff several times, National Model UN, and Harvard World Model UN in 2014 and 2016. I was a delegate, and treasurer during those years, and president of my team during my final year in 2016. SRMUN, as the club itself, has given me opportunities like no other in developing the skills necessary to succeed in my career path. I hope this experience not only allows you also hone your abilities in debate and research, but most importantly provide memories and friendships for a lifetime.

Assistant Director: Heidi Cope

Commission on Narcotic Drugs
Director: Marisa Laudadio

Marisa is an alumna from Mississippi State University, where she received bachelors degrees in political science and communications, with a concentration in public relations and minor in Spanish. Currently, she works for a non-profit organization that helps connect women in unplanned pregnancies with free healthcare and community support resources. Marisa is passionate about working collaboratively to find solutions to global challenges and looks forward to doing that at SRMUN Charlotte 2021! This will be Marisa's second time serving on SRMUN staff. Previously, she served as assistant director of a medium-sized committee at SRMUN Atlanta 2020, and she is currently preparing to serve as director of a medium-sized committee at SRMUN Atlanta 2021. As an undergraduate student, Marisa attended SRMUN Atlanta three times as a delegate and won numerous awards. When not working on SRMUN projects, Marisa can be found traveling, playing board games with family and friends, or reading a novel.

Assistant Director: Andrew Wittmayer

Andrew is a junior History and Political Science double-major at Kennesaw State University. He has been involved in Model UN for two years and has participated in three conferences. This will be his first time serving as a staff member at a SRMUN conference. At KSU, Andrew served as Captain of his Model UN team and Secretary-General for the school’s H igh School Model United Nations conference. He also served as Director of Internal Affairs and is currently Treasurer of KSU’s Student Government Association. Andrew is looking forward to observing the delegates of GA Plenary grow into effective practitioners of diplomacy over the course of SRMUN Charlotte 2021.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Assistant Director: Willett Hancock

Willett is excited to be serving as your Assistant Director for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization at this year’s SRMUN Charlotte! Willett is currently pursuing a double major in Political Science and History at the University of Florida. He got his start in Model UN here at SRMUN Charlotte in 2019, and has attended four conferences across the southeast since then. This will be Willett’s first time as a SRMUN Staff Member in Committee, but he previously served as a research assistant for the Peacebuilding Commission at SRMUN Atlanta 2020. When he isn’t doing Model UN, Willett enjoys baking, hanging out with his friends, and exploring the natural parks around Gainesville. He is ecstatic to be serving as your Assistant Director, and looks forward to making this SRMUN a great experience for delegates!

Security Council
Director: Jasmine Sutherland

Jasmine is honored to serve as your Director for the Security Council at SRMUN Charlotte 2021. Jasmine lives in Atlanta and works for a growing real estate law firm. She graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2017 with a B.A. in International Affairs, and a minor in German Language. She has participated in a total of nine Model UN conferences as both a delegate and member of staff, three of which were as a delegate at SRMUN Atlanta. In her free time, Jasmine enjoys travelling, going to the movies, and watching reality competition shows. She is looking forward to engaging with incoming delegates and seeing the work they accomplish during SRMUN Charlotte 2021!

Assistant Director: Emily Bowen

Emily is so excited to be serving as Assistant Director for the Security Council at SRMUN Charlotte 2021! Emily is a graduate student at George Mason University's Schar School of Policy and Government, where she studies International Security with a concentration in Peace Operations. This will be her third time on staff, having previously served as an Assistant Director for the United Nations Children’s Fund at SRMUN Atlanta 2019, and Assistant Director for the Peacebuilding Commission at SRMUN Atlanta 2020. Before her time on staff, Emily was also a delegate at SRMUN Atlanta three times with the University of Montevallo, where she graduated with a degree in Political Science and four minors. When she’s not doing work for SRMUN or school, Emily can be found writing her novel with her friend or scrolling through YouTuber Twitter. Emily can't wait to see the work done by the delegates at SRMUN Charlotte 2021!

Conference Staff

TBD: Assistant Under-Secretary-General