Welcome to SRMUN Charlotte

March 28 - 30, 2019

Redefining the Role of International Organizations in the New Global Era

Letter from the Secretary-General


Distinguished Delegates and Esteemed Advisors,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to SRMUN Charlotte 2019, to be held March 28 - 30, 2019, at the Omni Charlotte Hotel. Now in its seventh year, SRMUN Charlotte is one of the most recognized Model United Nations conferences offered in the United States. As an organization, we are dedicated to bringing together students from all corners of the U.S. to debate matters of international significance and decide on measures to create global interdependence.

Since 1990, delegates have gathered at SRMUN to discuss various issues covering a wide range of topics, from radiological and nuclear safety, to gender equality and advanced climate change solutions. After spending three days enhancing public speaking skills, negotiation tactics, teamwork styles, and knowledge of international issues, our delegates leave with a higher level of professional development and broader understanding of global cooperation.

Further, what distinguishes SRMUN as a unique educational experience is our willingness to confront some of the world’s most complicated problems. By asking our delegates to present creative and sophisticated solutions to complex global issues, we encourage a mature environment for debate that teaches students not to shy away from a challenge.

The Charter of the United Nations calls for all people of the world to affirm the “dignity and worth of the human person,” no matter their ethnic or geographic location. The international community is instructed to take all actions to prevent war and encourage international and social development.

Yet still, many of the problems that created cause for the U.N. in 1945 persist today. Instances involving acute poverty, state-wide corruption, human rights abuses, and genocide are prevalent in our world.

Further complicating the role of the international community, the world is a far different place than it was 73 years ago, and the challenges encountered today are intricate and complex. International organizations are confronted by new, unprecedented problems and forced to either create unique solutions or permit loss and suffering.

Faced with an international realm that is chaotic and ever changing, this year at SRMUN, students will be encouraged to focus on implementing adaptive strategies that encourage positive change and development in an unpredictable world. We are at a unique place in global history, and we need unique solutions to both conventional and unconventional problems.

Thus, the theme of SRMUN Charlotte 2019, Redefining the Role of International Organizations in the New Global Era, is designed to challenge students to think outside of the box.

I hope that you will find the three days at SRMUN Charlotte filled with impactful experiences and refreshing debate of perspectives from around the globe. I look forward to personally welcoming you in March, and thank you for your support in our mission to provide a unique and successful experience for all who attend.


Desiree Kennedy
SRMUN Charlotte 2019