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Welcome from our Charlotte 2016 Secretary-General:

Jessica DeJesus - Secretary-General - SRMUN Charlotte 2016

Dear Prospective Delegates and Esteemed Advisors,

On behalf of the entire staff, it is my honor and pleasure to welcome you to SRMUN Charlotte 2016! My name is Jessica DeJesus and I have the distinct privilege of serving as your humble Secretary-General. This year, SRMUN Charlotte will continue to offer a platform for all students of various economic, geographical and social backgrounds to engage in compelling, multi-faceted dialogue pertaining to relevant international issues. This year's theme aims to do just that as it will be discussing:

"The United Nations at 70: Addressing the Changing Landscape of Peace, Security and Stability"

SRMUN Charlotte 2016 is full of surprises and its contents will allow you to explore innovative topics, modern issues, re-occurring and realistic challenges. With the conference entering its fourth year, it has provided us the information to focus on the needs and expectations of the hundreds of delegates that have attended this conference, reigning from top universities throughout the nation. In just this short period, the conference has witnessed a diverse and sustainable growth in delegate registrations and thanks to our new partnerships, networks with domestic sponsorships and dedication to recruitment; we are well on our way to continued excellence.

Like in previous years, one of our strengths is the Secretariat, who consists of individuals who continue to make an impact not only in their local communities but also within their greater societal surroundings. These staff members were handpicked by the executive staff to ensure that the level of debate is engaging, educational and representative of a higher echelon of learning.

Registration for SRMUN Charlotte 2016 is now open. Whether you or your organization has attended SRMUN Charlotte in previous years, I encourage you to pledge your involvement now in order to be a part of the movement that has manifested into a reputable conference throughout the MUN circuit. If you have any questions about Registration or the conference please contact me at

On behalf of the entire SRMUN Charlotte 2016 staff, we hope that you will embark on this journey with us. Embrace yourselves for an experience of a lifetime!

Very Warm Regards,

Jessica A. DeJesus
SRMUN Charlotte 2016

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