Position Paper Viewer


We understand that logging into the Position Paper Viewing System may be confusing, so we've prepared this page to help.

When each school registers for SRMUN, the person registering provides one faculty and one student contact person, as well as an email address for each. Emails were sent to those faculty and student contacts for each school providing a unique school passcode to use.

To log into the system, either the faculty OR the student contact email address may be used as the login name and the unique school passcode as your password.

Please note that email addresses provided when uploading position papers will not allow access, nor will position papers' confirmation codes since those are unique to each position paper.

If your school's faculty or student contact do not remember receiving such email, please check your spam folder. If the email cannot be located, please contact our Web Admin at

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at the conference!