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Position Paper Uploads

The Position Paper deadline has expired.
Papers may still be uploaded, but they will now be marked late.

The deadline was 11:59pm EST Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 at 11:59pm EST.

Please check that you have followed the Position Paper Guidelines.

One position paper should be uploaded for each committee in which a Member State is represented. If two delegates are representing the same Member State in a committee, they should work together to only submit one joint position paper.

All submitted position papers are property of SRMUN. They will be viewable online to registered schools after the submission deadline has passed. Position papers received before the deadline will be graded by SRMUN volunteer staff.

Each delegation will receive a score sheet at the conference, similar to this one.

You will receive a confirmation email message when you successfully upload your document. Please save that email for your records.

Complete the following required information:

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Member State represented at SRMUN:

If you experience problems, please contact