The Board of Directors for SRMUN, Inc. is comprised of a seven-member panel (four student elected members and three faculty advisors) who are responsible for the overall state of the conference from year to year. Board members are responsible for meeting three or more times a year to conduct conference business. The Board has one-year and two-year student positions that are elected by the head delegates at the Fall Atlanta Conference and the Spring Charlotte Conference. Any person who has attended SRMUN for a minimum of two years is eligible to run for a student Board position. There are three faculty positions with staggered two-year terms. The faculty members attending SRMUN elect faculty positions during their meetings at the two conferences. The faculty member should be a person planning to attend the SRMUN conferences during the next two years. Each year, the Board will appoint people to Ex-Officio positions that serve in an advisory capacity without voting powers. Finally, there are several hired positions that manage various corporate affairs for SRMUN; members holding these positions do not have voting rights.

In addition, the Board selects and trains the Executive Staff of each conference. These offices are: the Secretary-General (SG), the Director-General (DG), the Deputy Director-General (DDG) and the Under Secretary-General (USG). The SG and DG are charged by the Board of Directors to recruit the staff personnel for each year's conference, including the committee directors responsible for formulating and publishing committee background guides.

SRMUN Board of Directors

Jessica DeJesus, President -

Jessica DeJesus received her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Pace University at Pleasantville in 2007. Following graduation, she was employed by Conway Stoughton, LLC, an insurance litigation law firm located in West Hartford, CT. During her legal career, she pursued her licensure as a Connecticut Realtor in hopes to invest and become involved in redevelopment projects. Jessica currently works as the Executive Assistant to the President and CEO for Tighe & Bond, an environmental engineering firm that has eight locations throughout New England and New York. She stays busy at Tighe & Bond as she has recently been appointed to the Diversity & Inclusion Committee as well as the Activities Planning Committee. Jessica has attended SRMUN in the delegate capacity six times prior to becoming a staff member in 2013. Since then, she has served in numerous roles for SRMUN as an Assistant Director, Director, Under Secretary-General, and Secretary-General. Jessica was elected to a Board position as a Member-at-Large in 2016 and nominated for the Presidency in April, 2017. Aside from SRMUN, Jessica assisted with the creation of Montessori United Nations.

Devin Mcrae, Member-at-Large -

Devin McRae is honored to serve as Vice President of the SRMUN Board of Directors, an institution he has been actively involved in for over nine years. Devin received his B.A. in Political Science and International Studies from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2012. Following graduation, Devin returned to his alma mater to serve as the Program Director of Model UN under his mentor, Dr. Cynthia Combs. He has taught and prepared students to compete at the regional, national, and international levels and has a passion for all facets of Model UN. Devin first became involved with SRMUN as a delegate in 2007 and has since served in numerous capacities including Assistant Director, Director, Deputy-Director General, Director General, and Special Advisor to the Secretariat. Devin was elected to the Board of Directors as a Member-at-Large in 2015 and has served as Vice President since Spring of 2017. Devin currently lives in Washington, D.C. and works for Lacoste INC. as the Managing Director for the D.C. Metro area.

Dr. Jonathan Miner, Member-at-Large -

Jonathan Miner received his doctorate in International Studies from the University of South Carolina-Columbia in 2007, an M.A. in Political Science from the University of Iowa in 2001, and a J.D. from Drake University Law School in 1994. Jonathan currently serves as an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of North Georgia (UNG) with specializations in comparative foreign policy, international law, and Middle East/Turkish politics. Prior to coming to UNG, Jonathan was a practicing lawyer in Chicago, IL, and his involvement with Model United Nations grew out of his research and teaching interests in International Law and role as director of a study abroad program in Istanbul, Turkey. This his third year teaching Model UN and competing at SRMUN conferences, and first year on the Board of Directors of SRMUN.

Maricruz Retana, Secretary -

Maricruz Retana received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Pace University in Westchester County, New York. There she received a Bachelor's of Business Administration in International Management with a concentration in Latin America with minors in Political Science, Spanish, and Peace and Justice Studies, and as well received her Masters of Public Administration in Government. During her time at Pace, she became involved in Model United Nations and attended various conferences including SRMUN 2009 and 2010, both held in Atlanta, Georgia. Thereafter, she applied to become a staff member and has been involved with SRMUN ever since. During her tenure, she has served in various different roles at both the Atlanta and Charlotte conferences including as an Assistant Director, Director, Deputy Director-General, Director-General and lastly as Secretary-General for a continuous two year appointment at Charlotte 2017 and 2018. Maricruz was elected to a Board Position at the close of SRMUN Charlotte 2018. Maricruz currently lives in upstate New York and works as an employee for the federal government and enjoys her position as a public servant.

Dr. Paige Tan, Member-at-Large -

Dr. Paige Tan is a Professor in the Department of Political Science at Radford University. She teaches courses in Comparative Politics and International Relations and is active as the school’s Model United Nations advisor. Her research centers on political parties, democracy, and authoritarianism in the developing nations of Asia. Dr. Tan has contributed articles to Current History, Indonesia, Contemporary Southeast Asia, Asian Journal of Political Science, Inside Indonesia, Education about Asia, and Asian Perspective. Her Ph.D. is in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia.

Dr. Casey Delehanty, Member-at-Large -

Casey Delehanty is an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Global Studies program at Gardner-Webb University. He teaches courses in Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Research Methodology, and has served as the Director of GWU's Model UN program since the Spring of 2017. He received his BA in Political Science at Florida Gulf Coast University and worked in Washington, DC at a financial services lobbying firm before completing his MS and PhD at Florida State University. His research generally centers on the causes and consequences of sub-state violence within democracies, investigating topics such as the effects of police militarization, the role of internal displacement in civil conflicts, and the prevalence and effect of scenes portraying torture in popular movies.

Professor Daniel Fuerstman, Member Ex-Officio -

Daniel Fuerstman is an associate professor of political science at the State College of Florida - Manatee/Sarasota where has been since 2009. Daniel has a B.A. in history from Rutgers University - New Brunswick and an M.A. in political science from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He teaches classes in international relations, comparative politics, and American government. He founded the Model United Nations at State College of Florida in 2010 and has served as its adviser since.

Dr. Cindy Combs, Founding Member -

Cindy Combs received her doctorate in Political Science from George Washington University in Washington, DC in 1984. She is a professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, teaching at the University since 1988. She became the faculty advisor for the University's Model UN organization in 1990. Cindy has served as a member of the SRMUN Board of Directors since the conference conception in 1991, as well as on the board of the National Model UN and the Carolinas Model UN Conferences. Dr. Combs is the author of the text, Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century, (Prentice-Hall, in its 4th edition, 2006), and with Martin Slann has co-edited the Encyclopedia of Terrorism (Facts on File, revised edition, 2007). She has been the recipient of the Bank of America Teaching Award (1997), the Bonnie Cone Distinguished Professorship of Teaching (2003), and in 2005 the Carnegie Foundation Professor of the Year for North Carolina Award. She has served as a member of a national Task Force on Terrorism; a consultant for local, state, regional, and national law enforcement agencies on terrorism; and a resource person for more than eighteen years with a wide range of educational, religious and media groups seeking to deal with the role of terrorism in the contemporary world.

Dr. Martin Slann, Founding Member -

Martin Slann received his doctorate in political science from the University of Georgia. He is a long-time member of the American and Midwest Political Science Associations. He is a former member and chair of the political science faculty at Clemson University and a former faculty member and Director of Academic Affairs at Pennsylvania State University Wilkes-Barre. He has served as the chair of the Division of Social Sciences at Macon State College. After Macon State, Martin moved to UNC Pembroke but now works at The University of Texas at Tyler. Dr Slann has been the faculty advisor for the Model United Nations student organization at all three institutions. With Cindy Combs, he has co-edited the Encyclopedia of Terrorism (Facts on File, revised edition, 2007) and is the author of Introduction to Politics: Governments and Nations in the Twenty-First Century, 4th ed. (Thomson Learning, 2006). He has received awards for advisement excellence at Clemson University and Penn State. Teaching and research interests include Middle East Politics and political terrorism. Along with Cindy Combs, Dr. Slann has served on the SRMUN Board of Directors since the conference's genesis in 1991.

Michael B Gaspar, Executive Director -

Michael Gaspar is from and lives in the New York City area. He graduated from Pace University in Pleasantville, New York with his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in public accounting and a minor in political science. After graduation Mike went on to work in the public accounting field specializing in corporate and partnership taxation at Big Five firms Arthur Andersen, LLP and Ernst & Young, LLP. After leaving public accounting, Mike went on to spend over fifteen years as the owner of a construction firm in New York City specializing in urban ground improvements and site development. Recently, he accepted a position at a construction consulting firm and is currently working on the East Side Access project in Manhattan, which is the largest transportation project in the country. In his spare time, Mike loves to travel and follow his Georgia Bulldogs, the NY Yankees and his favorite European Soccer clubs. Mike has been attending SRMUN since 1998 where he started as a first time Model United Nations delegate. He has also served on the staff of several other conferences including the National Model UN (NMUN) where he volunteered for six years including being the Chief of Staff in 2009 and a Director at the 2010 NMUN-Latin America, hosted in Quito, Ecuador. In addition, Mike has organized and assisted in many Model UNs for middle school and high school students, including conferences that were held at the United Nations Headquarters and in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. At SRMUN, he was a four time director and then became Secretary of the SRMUN Board of Directors in 2005. In 2006, he was elected to be the Executive Director of Finance. In 2015, the Board promoted Mike to his current position of Executive Director. Mike continues to love working for the organization and seeing its bright future continue to grow after overseeing the start of SRMUN Charlotte and the recent move back to downtown Atlanta.

Geraldine Galue, Member Ex-Officio/Webmaster -

Geraldine was born and raised in Venezuela before moving to the United States in 2008 to pursue her undergraduate degree. She holds a BBA in International Business with a minor in French from Kennesaw State University. Geraldine first became involved with SRMUN in 2009 as a delegate for KSU's Model United Nations team. She competed for several years in national and international conferences such as SRMUN, NMUN, and AIMUN. In addition, she also taught, prepared and trained delegates for conferences at regional and international levels, and also served various roles on the executive board of the simulation teams at KSU. Geraldine has been on SRMUN staff since 2015, and currently helps maintain and manage the SRMUN website and databases. She currently works as a Software Developer for New Story, an innovative nonprofit based in San Francisco that helps transform slums into sustainable communities in developing countries.

Michael Oleaga, Vice-President -

Michael Oleaga is a New York City-based multimedia journalist, and he’s honored to serve as Vice President of the SRMUN Board of Directors, further augmenting the nonprofit organization's online and social media. He has been involved with SRMUN since 2009, while an undergraduate student for Pace University at Pleasantville. Between 2012 and 2017, he was a staff member for the organization’s Atlanta and Charlotte conferences and served various roles including Research Assistant, Assistant Director, Director, Deputy-Director General, and Director-General. Outside of SRMUN, Michael received a Bachelor’s degree for Communication Art & Journalism and Political Science with a minor in Peace and Justice Studies. During his journalism career, he has interviewed national and international political leaders, presidential candidates, United Nations diplomats, celebrities, and other public figures.