Welcome to SRMUN Virtual

October 2 - 3, 2021

SRMUN Registration Policy

The Secretary-General assigns Member States based upon preferences listed at the time of registration and the size of each delegation. Colleges/Universities may not represent two Member States that are within the Security Council. Member State assignments will not be officially released until the non-refundable $150 fee is received and processed by the Executive Director of SRMUN, Inc. For SRMUN Virtual conferences, Member State assignments will be confirmed until payment of the Delegates Fees.

Confirmation and the Minimum Number of Delegates

The Secretary-General will assign Member States via e-mail confirmation. Upon the receipt of said e-mail, College/University representatives must confirm the acceptance of their given Member State(s) assignment(s). Confirmation also signifies the commitment to bring the minimum number of delegates required to represent the assigned Member State(s) at the conference. Upon the acceptance of a given Member State(s) assignment, Colleges/Universities assume the financial responsibility for the minimum number of delegates required for the Member State(s) assignment and will be billed accordingly. The minimum number of delegates is defined as the number of delegates necessary in order to have at least one representative for the Member State present in each committee that it is a representative of. To double-check the minimum number of delegates, please refer to the Member State matrix found on the left hand menu of our webpage or e-mail the Secretary-General.

Changes to Delegate Counts and Fees

Colleges/Universities may request changes to their delegate counts without financial penalty until March 12 at 11:59pm ET. Delegate fees for a standard in-person SRMUN conference are $80 per delegate until this date. Delegate fees for the Virtual SRMUN conference are $30 per delegate until this date. After February 15, the canceled delegates, but not less than the minimum number per their Member State assignment, will only receive a 50% refund on their delegate fees. Delegate fees are considered non-refundable after March 12. Starting March 13, delegate fees for the standard in-person SRMUN conference rise to $90 per delegate, while virtual delegate fees increase to $50 per delegate.

The Appeal Process

In rare occasions, Colleges/Universities may find that they are unable to attend the conference due to extreme circumstances. In such cases, a written letter providing a detailed explanation of the situation must be submitted to the Executive Director prior to opening ceremonies of the SRMUN Charlotte conference. The SRMUN Board of Directors will evaluate these requests on a case-by-case basis. All decisions are final. If your appeal is denied, your institution remains financially liable for all fees assessed. If you have questions regarding the appeal process, please contact the Executive Director or the President of the SRMUN Board of Directors.